Project | 01

Propaganda | In-House

Guiding propagandas new identity is a huge part of my daily to-do list. I was part of turning the 15-year-old corporate design completely around and established a more modern external communication for presentations, mailings, posters and so forth. 

Project | 02

Volkswagen | Various Projects

Working in Braunschweig just naturally and magically means working for Volkswagen as well. So far I’ve done some employee campaigns for different Volkswagen factories across the country and a unusual, yet very successful tire campaign for 2016.

Project | 03

Metropolregion | Wirkstoff Festival

The festival of the culture and creative industry is

going to take place for the first time in September 2016. The Metropolregion Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg is the driving force behind this  huge project and needed a few nice words for it.

Project | 04

99Damage | News & More

To this day I'm still an active volunteer editor at 99damage. I've written well over a hundred news, articles and event reports about Counter-Strike. In early 2016 I created, named and supervised the new and international series of interviews called 99on1.

Project | 05

Dr. Oetker | Promotion 2015

Next to the good old daily business I was also able to create two of the biggest promotions Dr. Oetker has ever seen: „Camping de luxe in Frankreich“ for Crème fraîche and  „Genießen & Abheben“ for Die Ofenfrische. Both were highly successful and a lot of fun to create.

CineStar - Osterfunkspot
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Project | 06

CineStar | Literally Everything

CineStar has been my main client since the very day I started working in the industry. A dream come true for every filmfan! So the first years of my career consisted of countless ads, flyers, seasonal campaigns, mailings and just about everything the cinema chain needed.

Project | 07

OTTO | Various Projects

While I was still working in Hamburg the well-known german brand OTTO was one of my main clients as well. The special pampering treatment included everything from direct mailings, bonus-magazines, fashion catalogs and much, much more.

Project | 08

HBPO | Image Film

Image film for HBPO? Coming right up! The global market leader for front-end modules had already determined all of the sequences, so my job was to create a fitting and suitable 3 minute long voice over. The german dubbing artist is Joachim Kerzel.

Project | 09

Chiquita | Promotion and Relaunch

In 2014 Chiquita was relaunching its delicious and healthy Smoothies. The perfect opportunity for new sales folder and a nationwide promotion! In just a matter of days everyone in Germany went absolutely bananas for Chiquita Smoothies ...

Project | 10

Various | Random Stuff

Even though I really like showing off big names and cases, I think a few of random projects that didn't fit any of the categories above deserve some attention as well. So please do enjoy!

Project | 11

ESL | ESL One Cologne 2017

to be added

Project | 12

ESL | ESL One Hamburg 2017

to be added

Project | 13

ESL | Ingame Observing

to be added