The best part about advertisement? Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary. The only difference really is that little extra you put in. Ideas, stories, promises, emotions. Could be anything. And I’m here to create it. With a tiny bit of talent and a good amount of madness.


Design Factory International
​2009 - 2012

Wolfgang Borchert Schule

​2002 - 2007

Wilhelm Gymnasium

2000 - 2002

Turmweg Grundschule

​1995 - 2000


Copywriter @ Gute Propaganda

2015 - present


September 2015 called for a change. That meant 'goodbye Hamburg, hello Braunschweig' and a brand-new job as a Copywriter in the city of lions! The position came with a whole new level of responsibility, obligation, decision-making and the freedom to develop ideas of my own as well. So basically everything I was looking for. And even more. 



Copy Editor @

2015 - present


I've always loved Videogames; especially Counter-Strike. Shooting virtual people has something relaxing about it. So writing for the leading CS:GO coverage site in Germany is a great way for me to get even deeper into the game and the esport scene. To date I've covered everything from news, event reports, interviews and articles.



Junior Copywriter @ BBS Werbeagentur

2013 - 2015


After one very successful year as an intern I was offered the position as a Junior Copywriter and accepted it on the spot. Meaning I had to quit College right before my final exam - which I gladly did though. So far I haven't regretted my decision once. I learned, I failed, I scored. And just like Ash Ketchum from Pokémon I got better and better …


Intern @ BBS Werbeagentur
2012 - 2013


During my fifth semester at College my Professor strongly encouraged me to apply for an Internship as a Copywriter. That's what I did - and I got the job! After six long and creative months I couldn't go back to just textbooks and theories.

I wanted the real stuff. Luckily my agency thought the same and I worked there for six more months.



Intern @ Die Kreativen
2009 - 2009


My first step in the advertising Industry. And oh boy, someone should have given me a bit of a heads up. Looking at you here Mom and Dad. But at least I got to express some of my very own and very first Ideas – after I was done making coffee, of course. 


Patricia von Halle